Marriage Counselor in San Dimas

Marriage Counselor in San Dimas

Marriage Counselor in San Dimas

If you found this page, maybe your relationship is now struggling and you’re looking for a marriage counselor in San Dimas.

My name is Jeanette Luna, and I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist. After earning my degree from Azusa Pacific University in 2007, I worked as a social worker for 25 years with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.

The time I spent as a social worker gave me valuable experience for helping children and families achieve their full potential. I also noticed that married people seem to face a never-ending variety of challenges related to the struggles of achieving and maintaining a happy marriage.

Married couples may have communication issues or lack the skills they need to respect their partner’s boundaries and value differences. These problems may lead to a lack of sexual intimacy and contribute to emotional or sexual infidelity.

My goal is to help couples gain the skills and habits they need for respectful communication so they can resolve their marital issues. Or, if a particular problem is reoccurring with no resolution in sight, I can give you and your partner a boost towards managing this conflict.

Maybe your old relationships are interfering with the health and happiness of your marriage. I can help you develop coping mechanisms and thought processes that allow you to have a happy marriage.

Whether you prefer clinical-based or faith-based therapy, I’m here to help you repair your marriage.


What is it For: Who Should See a Marriage Therapist in San Dimas?

You may not know if your marriage troubles are severe enough to see a San Dimas marriage counselor.

Here are a few signs that your marriage might benefit from seeing a marriage therapist in San Dimas:

  • You or your partner feel indifferent towards your relationship and your marriage issues
  • Your communication is mostly negative or usually leads to a fight
  • You or your partner are lying or keeping important secrets from one another
  • There’s no intimacy in your relationship
  • You only see negative traits in your partner
  • You or your partner have committed emotional, financial, or sexual infidelity
  • You keep arguing over the same issue with little progress towards achieving a compromise or acceptable resolution
  • You  believe divorce is your only option


Next Steps

If you feel like your marriage is in trouble and you want to talk with a professional about how to start healing, I’d like to connect with you. Take the first step and contact Trinity Thrive Therapy today at 909-413-4814 to schedule an appointment for marriage counseling. or reach out via the website contact form. I look forward to connecting with you.