Feminist Therapist in San Dimas

Feminist Therapist in San Dimas

Feminist Therapist in San Dimas

At Trinity Thrive Therapy, Jeanette Luna is a qualified and experienced Feminist therapist in San Dimas. Feminist therapy is a strength-based approach that deals with gender and issues affecting women that stem from discrimination, bias, stereotypes, and oppression. These issues may affect your mental health, which is where therapy comes in.

The most important thing in feminist therapy is the relationship between the client and the therapist. The two have to be equal and authentic, empowering you, the client, to understand their identity, learn about social issues that affect them, and how they can impact society using their strengths. 

There are several types of feminist therapies, and they include:

  • Cultural feminism
  • Liberal feminism
  • Radical feminism
  • Socialist feminism

Who is it for?

While feminist therapy was developed to solely help women with their issues, the field has now expanded to be more inclusive. Families, couples, and people of any gender or age who want to learn about how gender dynamics affect their lives can come in for the therapy sessions. 

Some of the issues that feminist therapy sessions at Trinity Thrive Therapy can help you with are:

  • PTSD
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Body image
  • Eating disorders
  • Socioeconomic issues
  • Substance abuse
  • Mental illnesses, including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and personality disorders
  • Relational problems

When you book a session with us, we will employ the following strategies during the therapy for maximum effectiveness:

  • Power analysis. This explores how uneven power and privilege have affected your ability to grow. It also examines how the power dynamics have impacted your self-worth, behaviors, and choices. 
  • Self-disclosure. Authenticity is vital for an effective healing process; our therapist will share their own experiences where necessary. This helps create a rapport with you, enabling you to open up and give feedback.
  • Reframing. In this, the therapist helps you change your perspective on issues by relating them to the socio-political context. That way, you will look at the problem from a broader outlook instead of from an individual point of view.
  • Social-action. The therapist may suggest social activism if you, the client, are willing. This will be therapeutic as it will put you in positions where you foster social connections among peers and can bring empowerment.
  • Gender role analysis and psycho-education. The therapist examines how gender roles have affected your mental health and supports you in learning about issues that crop up during therapy. 

Benefits of Feminist Therapy

Since feminist therapy surpasses dealing with the diagnosis and combines it with social issues, the benefits are quite different from other therapies. After your sessions with us, you will be enlightened, empowered, assertive, and have better control of your life (independence).


If you feel like you need to be heard and understood, then feminist therapy is for you. We listen and help you get some sense of power over your life as you also participate in the treatment. At Trinity Thrive Therapy, we ensure you are well equipped to tackle self-identity issues and win. Talk to us today and schedule your session in a Christian-based setting.