Family Life Counselor in San Dimas

Family Life Counselor in San Dimas

Family Life Counselor in San Dimas

Family Life Counselor in San Dimas

At Trinity Thrive Therapy, Jeanette Luna is a licensed family life counselor in San Dimas, and she understands that marriage and families can sometimes have conflicts. Sometimes, we tend to ignore the problems we or our loved ones face until things get out of hand, hoping they’ll get better on their own. Seeking professional help is important in handling family conflict and issues with your children. 

If you or anyone close to you is suffering from emotional or mental distress, it’s time to consider the services of Trinity Thrive Therapy. Our experienced and licensed staff will help you identify the root cause of the family problem and will train you on how to cope. 

Family life counseling seeks to identify and solve problems in the family, including behavioral, psychological, or emotional ones. The therapy is used to cultivate and maintain healthy and functional families. 

Who is it for?

Family therapy is good for everyone, and it’s recommended for couples who have children and are:

  • Married
  • About to get married
  • In a blended family
  • Separated
  • In a de-facto relationship

This doesn’t mean that you cant sign up for family life counseling in San Dimas if you dont fit in the above categories. We are well equipped to handle all your needs. 

What are the benefits of Family Life Counseling in San Dimas?

The benefits may vary depending on the needs of the family, but they include:

  • Improving communication. For the most part, when issues arise in the family, communication is affected. Therapy helps families talk, which is the first step in solving conflicts. 
  • Improving family relationships and bonds. Going to therapy together helps you understand one another better. This will subsequently help you deal with unresolved conflicts while patching up the broken bonds. 
  • Enhances physical and psychological health. Peace in the family setting is important for a healthy mental and physical state. While some families comfortably achieve this, others need the help of a therapist who will equip them with the necessary skills to work as a unit.
  • Addressing dysfunctional interactions. Therapy helps families deal with a member struggling with substance abuse and gives them strategies to cope.
  • Managing grief and loss. Losing someone you love takes a toll on you and your family, and it can be difficult for the whole unit. Job loss, relocation, serious medical conditions, or other life-changing events can also bring a rift in the family. Counseling helps you accept and chart a way forward.
  • Fostering self-esteem. Without self-esteem, it’s hard for anyone to deal with life’s challenges. It’s important to develop this trait in children; the best way is through therapy. 

Final Word

Family life counseling in San Dimas is an important activity that will help bring your family together. Whether you are struggling to communicate with your teenage child or you can’t seem to solve conflicts with your significant other, we recommend you start therapy as soon as possible. That helps to identify and deal with the root of the problem before it worsens. Contact us today at Trinity Thrive Therapy, and schedule a session with our family life counselor in San Dimas.