Christian Counseling in San Dimas

Christian Counseling in San Dimas

Christian Counseling in San Dimas

When it comes to Christian counseling in San Dimas, one of the most critical factors in its success rate is a good relationship between the client and the counselor. Both the client and the counselor need to relate to one another which forms the basis of an open and trusting relationship, allowing the real work to begin.

With faith-based counseling at Trinity Thrive Therapy, Jeanette Luna provides science-based counseling techniques based on a shared understanding of the Christian faith. Almost 75% of Americans say that their life is influenced by their religious beliefs, and this is important when it comes to healing emotional issues especially if faith is important to you.


What is it?

God created us Body, Mind and Spirit. When all three parts of you are thriving, you are living the way God intended. At Trinity Thrive Therapy, faith-based counseling is available to meet your needs. Jeanette is more than happy to incorporate faith-based counseling into your sessions.

Christian counseling is simply counseling techniques that take into account and share the same faith as yourself. Its inclusive benefits allow you to build a personal and trusting relationship with your counselor, aiding your response to the benefits of therapy. Faith is a huge part of people’s identity, and here at Trinity Thrive Therapy, we recognize that it can often guide your choices and inform your worldview.

Our bespoke and religious approach means you can be sure your counselor adheres to the belief that biblical knowledge is both necessary and sufficient to provide the framework and foundational knowledge needed to counsel you.

Who is it for?

Christian counseling in San Dimas is an inclusive service here at Trinity Thrive Therapy. We recognize that faith can be of significant importance to people and therefore are extremely proud to offer therapeutic services to clients of Christian backgrounds.

If you’re a part of the Christian faith and you’re looking to improve your mental health, relationships, and world outlook, this therapy is for you. We use scripture and biblical teachings to help you deal with life’s challenges.

Our ultimate goal is to help Christians identify their behaviors that are inconsistent with God’s teachings to allow them to become more accepting of God’s will. We believe that the bible is the ultimate guide on how people should think and behave, and we’re here to help others see this.


What can you expect?

The first two to three sessions will be to develop rapport with Jeanette Luna. You will start by getting to know each other, allowing her to discover why you’re hurting, and start to understand why. Then you’ll start working through those issues at your pace. Sometimes, when you’re stuck, Jeanette will nudge you a bit so you can get some direction to move forward and reach your breakthrough. 


Sessions will be depending on what you come in for, but Jeanette can help with:

  • Family Estrangement
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Grief and Loss
  • Childhood Trauma
  • Career Burnout (post-secondary trauma)
  • Women’s Issues
  • … and more.

Insurance acceptance will be coming soon. Telehealth options are also available.


We’re here to help with the following:

 Marital Problems – Divorce is not seen as an option in the Bible, so we help couples work through their issues to avoid them giving up on their marriage. We help individuals repair their damaged relationships.

  • Parenting Challenges – Christian counseling can help identify what your child needs and avoid you becoming overwhelmed with every day of parenting.
  • Mental Health – We can help you accept that you are a child of God and to find some comfort and solace when you need it the most.
  • Grief and Loss – Christian counseling can help you accept losses in your life, remember and honor passed ones. We can help individuals heal from the pain as much as possible.
  • Relationships with God – We can help you strengthen your relationship with God and your faith, whilst teaching you practical tools you can use when you lose touch with your faith.


Next steps to take action

Connect with us today and see if we can help. The first step to improving is to schedule a call so that we can get to know each other better.