My name is Jeanette Luna and I am a bilingual licensed marriage and family therapist.  I earned my degree from Azusa Pacific University in 2007.  I have worked as a social worker with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services for 25 years.  Throughout these years I can proudly state that I have helped many children and families reach their full potential when they are willing to do the work. 

In taking a deep dive and reflection of my career, what struck me most and has given me the desire to fix is the burdens, challenges and struggles women deal with on a daily basis.  I seen it with my clients, and I seen it with my colleagues how women carry so much physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Middle aged women struggle with a variety of issues.  I help women who are stressed, depressed, anxious or overwhelmed find ways to cope and feel better through individual clinical therapy and/or faith based counseling.

Women as nurturers give a lot of themselves, and at times feel out of balance with the demands of life they carry.  Many middle aged women are caring for elderly parents while still raising their own children.  Some are working full time and maintaining a home while suffering with hot flashes and hormone imbalances.  Others are sad about entering the empty nest stage of life while others are just not enjoying their life at all.

As a middle aged Christian therapist woman myself, I can relate and connect with these kinds of women’s issues.  Sessions with me look like two women working together to get through the issues that bring you in.  I use clinical approaches and/or faith based approaches to help you gain understanding of what is happening and help you reach a breakthrough so you can start enjoying your life.

Nothing pleases me more than to help women find peace, joy and balance in their life.

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